Flexible Metal Hose

Model: EFH Series
Material Bellow: stainless steel AISI321 (standard), AISI 316L
Mesh cover
Material: stainless steel AISI 304L, AISI316L
Connector Material: Stainless steel 304/316, Steel, Iron or other material.
Connection types:
Fixed, rotary type flange connection
Socket or Butt-Weld type welding connection
Connection of internal thread, external thread
Other styles on request.

Axial Expansion Joint

Model: EES Series
Expansion: -20mm / + 10mm, -40mm / + 20mm
Body material: stainless steel aisi 304 type double-ply
Flange material: steel or stainless steel
Connection type:
Connecting flange jis-10k / 20k
Connection of din-16/25/40 flange
Connect ANSI # 150 / # 300 flange
Welding connection: s.W or b.W

Axial Expansion Joint With Tie Rods

Model: EES Series
Difficulty: -20mm / + 10mm, -40mm / + 20mm
Body Material: Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Type Double-PlyFlange Material: Steel Or Inox
Directional Ty Material: Steel Or Inox
Connection Type:
Connecting Flange Jis-10k / 20k
Connect Din-16/25/40 Flanges
Connecting Ansi Flange # 150 / # 300
Connecting Solder S.W Or B.W

External Pressurized Expansion Joint

Model: EEP

Expansion: -20 / + 10mm, -40 / + 20mm, -80 / + 40mm

Material Bellow: Stainless steel AISI 304

Body Material: ASTM A106 / A53 steel

Fitting Material: ASTM A105 / A35 steel

Connection types:

Connecting flange jis-10k / 20k

Connection of din-16/25 flange

Connecting ansi # 150 flange

SW or bW solder connection