External Pressurized Expansion Joint EFR

Model: EEP Series

Expansion: -20 / + 10mm, -40 / + 20mm, -80 / + 40mm

Material Bellow: Stainless steel AISI 304

Body Material: ASTM A106 / A53 steel

Fitting Material: ASTM A105 / A35 steel

Connection types:

Connecting flange jis-10k / 20k

Connection of din-16/25 flange

Connecting ansi # 150 flange

SW or bW solder connection

In piping systems, it is almost imperative to equip externally pressurized expansion joint, external pressure balanced expansion joint, to protect the pipes from damage caused by thermal expansion and to minimize vibrations. With the External Pressurized Expansion Joint EFR series, we would like to present to you a special line of thermal expansion couplings, which are the first choice for quality and many other advantages.

External Pressurized Expansion Joint EFR is a quality product line produced by E-Flex Vietnam on request and distributed nationwide. We have a mission to create true "Pipe Protector" products, protecting your pipes during use.

External Pressurized Expansion Joint EFR, in addition to the function of eliminating expansion and vibration, protects the pipeline, also provides high pressure and temperature resistance, and safety of fire. Due to the stainless steel material, it is suitable for installation and long-term use, with high corrosion resistance, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

The product is highly regarded by the market for meeting most of the specifications and certification requirements needed for use in both residential piping systems and large industrial projects.

To choose the right externally pressurized expansion joint, external pressure balanced expansion joint for the specific use of each different application. First, customers must determine some basic specifications in order to choose the right stainless steel thermal expansion tube for the application.

It includes: expansion amplitude, connection type, solvent used, temperature used, delivery time & quality of packaging.


❖ Meet a wide selection of pipe sizes (more than 10 sizes from DN25 and above).

❖ Perfectly suitable for many mounting positions (see details below).

❖ Super wide working temperature range: -80 / + 427 ° C.

❖ Super wide SEED amplitude (mm): -20 / + 10; -40 / + 20; -80 / + 40


❖ 100% of imported stainless steel pipes: AISI 304.

❖ 100% tested before factory (pneumatic or hydraulic).


HVAC piping

Water supply & treatment pipeline

Chemical pipeline

Pipeline for food & beverage

Gas pipeline

Hot steam & hot water pipes

Power & energy production plant

And industrial plumbing applications.


Fixed type flange connection

Connection of swivel type flange

Welding type

Standard: JIS, PN, ANSI

Sizes: From DN25 and up (Please see size chart).


Flexible tube: Stainless steel AISI 304

Casing: ASTM A106 / A53 steel

Connecting accessories: Stainless steel, Steel, Iron or other materials.



Products are supplied in sizes and lengths indicated in the size chart. However, you can still make some separate requirements.

There are 2 simple steps to order at E-Flex:

Step 1: Choose a suitable tube size for reality.

Step 2: Select a pipe size corresponding to double / single expansion.